Variable data are In addition to certain printing processes as well as foil refinements and other tamper-proof elements for backstage passes, one thing in particular - another one Security feature. If backstage passes, VIP badges or tour passes are provided with these so-called "variable data", it is mostly about the following types of data, which change for each ID card (or passport group):

  • Designations as text (e.g. Areas such as Backstage, AAA, CREW, VIP, press, photo etc.)
  • Names as text (First and last names of guests, crew members or accredited persons)
  • Consecutive or specifically defined numbers or combinations of numbers
  • Photos or passport photos (to identify people)
  • QR or barcodesthat are linked to stored data or information or that have an access authorization function



Preparation of an Excel table for importing variable data (names and consecutive numbers) into a finished passport basic layout.

initial situation
Let's imagine that a planned production has to guarantee for safety reasons that only certain people are allowed to enter various areas of a venue and that these have to be identified at the same time. Furthermore, each crew member has a fixed number for internal structuring during the production / tour. These numbers are ongoing. The passports should also be labeled with an "area".

  • A finished basic layout of the ID card is required, where the areas where the surname & first name and the consecutive number are to be placed have already been taken into account in the design
  • the listing of the crew members must be clearly reflected in the Excel table necessary for importing the variable data.
The Excel table is structured as follows, separated by columns (with clear headings):
  • Column A: consecutive numbers
  • Column B: first names
  • Column C: surnames
  • Column D: Name of the area

According to this principle, an Excel table should be structured, which is required in the "UPLOAD VARIABLE DATA" field during the ordering process if you want to order ID cards with this option.