Special Coated STICKY PASSES

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    For easy, smudge-free labelling on site - Excellent for smudge-free labelling with waterproof pens such as Sharpie and Edding pens - Also suitable for on-site printing with small-format inkjet or laser printers
      (ATTENTION: Please ensure that the settings "black/white print" and "draft" print quality are set on your device for an optimum print image. To remove any moisture residue of the ink from the sticky material, dab the card briefly with a handkerchief, kitchen roll or similar, as conventional toner ink is never 100% smudge-proof. We also expressly assume no liability for the proper handling/printing of the sticky passes on site)

      NEED GRAPHICS? We create your pass graphics quickly and easily. Click here.


      • Color profile: CMYK (ISO COATED FOGRA 39)
      • Minimum resolution: 300dpi
      • File format: PDF or open data (.psd, .ai or .id) as a zipped folder
      • PLEASE UPLOAD YOUR DATA ABOVE IN THE FIELD PROVIDED FOR THIS. (Multiple files: as a zipped folder, please!)


      • Size: diverse
      • Execution: 4-color printed on one side
      • Variants: individually cut with a peel edge or several ID cards pre-cut and placed on a sheet
      • Material: Acetate silk, adhesive on one side
      COMPLETION: Sticky Pass Standard (74x105m)


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